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The Ultimate Guide to Campfire Cooking

Is there anything better than camping? Packing up the car with all of your bits and bobs and then setting off on a little adventure with your favourite people? It is arguably the most exciting thing that you can do, especially when you’re kitted out with everything that you need. Not to mention the cooking! Mmm, what’s more delicious than eating meat fresh from the campfire? Chargrilled to perfection, succulent, mother-watering…wow, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. One might think that there’s little you could do to make it better, but you’d be wrong. In this post, we’re going to look at ways of improving it.

1 – Cast iron is the way

Cooking on an open flame requires the strongest materials that can withstand the intense heat. This is why a cast iron skillet is always the best choice. That, and when you season is properly, the flavours are absolutely intense. Oh, and the clean-up is easy too!

2 – Foil packet meals are to die for

There are loads of foil packet meal recipes that you can choose from and their incredibly easy to make as well. Simply pack your foil with plenty of goodness and then let them sizzle away on an open flame. Voila: the perfect, easy meal.

3 – Grab the best grilling utensils

There is such a thing as cheap utensils, especially when it comes to cooking on an open flame. You certainly shouldn’t buy plastic! The longer the better, so that you can grab and handle food from s distance without burning yourself.

4 – Having said that, don’t cook over an open flame

Whilst I’ve mentioned cooking over an open flame quite a bit so far, it’s important that you actually allow the flames to die down before cooking! It was more a figure of speech than anything else. Using hot coals and allowing the flames to simmer, then you’ll be able to cook with intense heat, whilst getting the most incredible flavours. That, or you can invest in a cast iron cooking grate so that your meat can sizzle above the open flame, as opposed to in it.

5 – Keep it turning

You can’t just leave the meat over the flame and then let it cook without turning the meat! If you want to cook it right the way through without burning it, then you’ll have to keep an eye on it. But, that’s half the fun to be perfectly honest with you. By simply pinching and rolling your hotdogs, you’ll feel like the master chef, that’s for certain.

6 – Always use olive oil

Olive oil is perfect for cooking meat, particularly when chargrilling over a roaring campfire. Mmmmmm

7 – Buy a fridge slide for your 4×4

OK, so this is the most important part of all of this! Buy a fridge slide online. It really is as simple as that! Without this step, the rest is pointless. Why? Because what could be better than a fridge full of ingredients? Oh, and not to mention beer!

If you’re camping for a few days or more, then a fridge will allow you to stock up on everything that you’ll need for the entire trip! This means that you won’t need to leave the comfort of your camp. All you’ll need to do is simply stroll over to the car, and voila: you’ve got everything that you need for the perfect meal. So, read up on your recipes and stock up the fridge before you leave.

Remember, don’t pack it full of beers, as you can bring as many crates as you like, and then add a few now and again without taking up so much room that you can’t store extra meat and veg!

Not sure where to get a fridge slide? Head over to a reputable dealer like MSA 4×4 and you’ll find all manner of awesome accessories that will take your camping experience to the next level.

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