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Is it a fuse box or a consumer unit? What is an RCBO vs MCB consumer unit?  Which should I use?

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Unless you are a fully certified electrician, navigating the world of residential electronics can be an absolute nightmare. For example, is it a fuse box or a consumer unit? Are they one and the same? And what’s the difference between an RCBO and an MCB consumer unit? How do you know which of the two …...

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How old is Harry Potter? When did he fall in love? Who is his girlfriend? Who is his first kiss?

Over 20 years after the release of the first movie and 25 years since the first book, people all over the world are still obsessing over,...

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Top Tips for Hiring the Best Event Staff

Putting on an event is no simple task, nor is it something that anyone call pull off by themselves. It’s one of those tasks that requires...

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The Importance of Pipe and Cable Locating in Construction

We cannot overstate the importance of pipe and cable locating in the construction industry. Let’s say that you’ve just acquired a new...

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The Ultimate Guide to Campfire Cooking

Is there anything better than camping? Packing up the car with all of your bits and bobs and then setting off on a little adventure with...

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