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Top Tips for Hiring the Best Event Staff

Putting on an event is no simple task, nor is it something that anyone call pull off by themselves. It’s one of those tasks that requires a large team of talented individuals in order to carry it out successfully. But how do you go about recruiting such a team? Well, for one thing, it’s best that you stick with temporary staff. This is the easiest solution to your situation, and almost certainly the most cost-effective.

1 – Don’t delay

You shouldn’t spend too much time on this process! Certainly, your due diligence is required, but if you take too much time deciding on who to hire, the best people might be snapped up. Ultimately, the likelihood of your hiring someone so terrible that they ruin your event is highly unlikely. However, hiring an exceptional individual that can transform your event into something really rather special is in the realms of possibility! Just don’t take too long!

2 – Make sure that your permanent team are happy

It’s always worth consulting your team and seeing what they think about prospective temporary event staff. After all, they’re the one’s that are going to be working closely with them, so you want to ensure that the chemistry is on point.

3 – Figure out specifically what it is that your event requires

How many people do you need to pull your event off? How much experience will they require? Is there a certain age or demographic that fits your brand? Figure this out before the hiring process and you’ll have a much easier job of it.

4 – Arrange Skype interviews at the very least

You can’t hire someone that you’ve never met before. Certainly, time is an important factor and you might not be able to meet every single candidate. However, if you hire through a reputable firm such as First Class Crew, you should be able to put a bit of faith into their candidates. Don’t forget that it’s just as much their reputation on the line as it is yours, so it will be in their best interest to provide you with talent.

5 – Be honest about the job role

Complete transparency and full disclosure are paramount, for both parties. You must be entirely honest about what the job entails, so that your temporary staff are confident in their ability to deliver. Failing to do so might result in serious stress later on, which is good for no one.


Again, finding the right temp staffing agency is half of the battle. The best agency will hire the best staff, it’s as simple as that. But of course, you should still be sure to do your due diligence and hire with your gut, you shouldn’t have any issues! In any case, we wish you the very best of luck with your event!

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