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Excavation Equipment Vs Manual Labour

You might think that you’ll be saving money by favouring manual labour over excavation equipment, but is that actually the case? In this article we’re going to compare the two and see which one wins out!

At this point it’s important to note that construction is going on at all times, somewhere in the world. In fact, just now as I write this can I hear a nearby construction site hammering away as they put in the next high-rise condominium. The question is, did they dig the foundations by hand, or using excavation equipment? If they wanted to save money, they will have likely done it by hand, however, if they’d read this article first, they might have thought twice.

1 – Excavation equipment leads to quality improvement

The simple fact is, when it comes to the quality of the finish, you really cannot beat the proper excavation equipment. It doesn’t matter how many men with shovels you have, and how long they spend trying to get the perfect finish, you simply cannot beat the power and precision of a purpose-built digger. This efficiency and quality will not only reduce the number of claims made against you for poor workmanship, but you’ll also boost productivity on site as a whole.

2 – Guarantees project efficiency

OK, perhaps guarantee is a bit of a stretch, however, by adopting EE, many of the limitations that come with manual labour go out of the window. Such limitations include physical limits (one man can only do so much before working themselves to exhaustions), and health risks & weather limitations (although even with excavation equipment, often poor weather will result in postponing the digging process). When you introduce EE over manual labour, you will be creating a much more efficient worksite and reducing he strain on your labour force.

3 – Reduce costs and boost earning potential

Due to the increased project efficiency, you will ultimately bolster your earning potential—this is in short, due to the fact that you will be able to finish and begin new projects sooner. You’ll also be able to stick within the restrictive budgets by hiring less labourers. The amount of manpower required to match the speed and precision of just one excavation vehicle is immense.

4 – Promotes a safer and healthier work environment

Yes, there are certain dangers that come with operating heavy equipment, however, provided that you offer the correct training, you shouldn’t run into any issues. The fact is, digging and shifting materials by hand is incredibly dangerous and there are many risks that go with it. By introducing EE into your excavation projects, you’ll be creating a much healthier and safer environment for your employees.

5 – Keeping up appearances

If the previous four points weren’t enough to change your mind, then you should consider EE over manual labour for the simple fact that it looks more professional.


EE is the clear winner here, as there really is no contest. If you’d like to learn more about the various excavation machines that are available, or you’d like to hire a reputable company to assist you, then why not check out local companies to you. That will instantly remove the need for you having to purchase EE of your own or train your own labourers to operate the heavy machinery. Instead you can simply outsource the work to the professionals. Job done!

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